Greetings Brother and Sisters of LOVE,

I Russell R. Pearson III, have written this book that contains esoteric knowledge which has existed for eons and was created with Love by Love. We recommend spreading this knowledge to all.

Dear Ones, this Book explains many misunderstandings about Gods, Goddesses, Archangels, Angels, Spirits, Evil Spirits, and Demons. What they are, and where these aspects of one’s self resides within. A book constructed to help one understand the many different energies that make up ones Avatar. When these energies are centered within, The Christ Consciousness of Unconditional Love is realized and experienced.

We thank you for your contribution to this Planets Ascension. As many of the "Powers That Were" have tried to suppress this information from getting out to the public. Having tried every recourse, it was decided to give this book of light away freely. This book of knowledge has many names. I call it the "Light of the Immortals", while others call it the "Tree of Life" or "The Book of Life". This has been my life’s work upon Planet Earth. The Gravity Particle that many of the Inhabitants of Earth and Earth Scientist are seeking, is actually Unconditional Love also known as the Christ Consciousness. This is explained in energetic form within the pages of this book. I hope you enjoy these readings, and hope that you gain a better understanding of self, raising self-awareness to a level that one will gain Higher Consciousness. Fear Nothing Dear Ones, And Love Without Condition.

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When you receive this book, we request that you share this knowledge with all, for it belongs to ALL.

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Love Eternally,

Russell R. Pearson III

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