Calling Card: Bringers Of The Light

Rank: Father Of The Members, The Bringers Of The Family Of Light. The Leading Renegade, Of The Family Of Light.

System Busters: Available For Altering Systems Of Consciousness, Within The Free Will Universe. 

Service Status: On Call.

Location: Active Duty Upon The Planet Terra (Mother Gaia). 9th Solar System From Central Sun Of Kolob.

Title: Father And Creator Of The Omniverse. 

Objective: Awaken Consciousness To Terrestrial Status Of Consciousness (5th Dimension). The Universal Dimension Of Unlimited Frequencies Also Known As Unconditional Love. All Existing Within The Unified 5th Dimension, Also Know As Christened Consciousness, Christ Consciousness, Pure Consciousness, And Source Consciousness. We Bring The Fruits Of The Tree Of Life. Written In 3rd Dimensional Form To Liberate Consciousness To Gods And Goddesses Status.  These Original 5th Dimensional Blue Prints That Is The Heart Based Technology Of The Elohim Avatar Biological Computer, Is Now To Be Restored To The Inhabitants Of Earth, In Its Original Entirety. This Book "Tree Of Life, Light Of The Immortals" Will Aid Terras's Inhabitants To Obtain Greater Self Awareness In Knowing Thyself.