Ascension Update Report: March 13, 2016

Ascension Update Report:

Notification to Renegades, Omega Mother Great Spirit, Pleiadians, Lyrians, Lunar Spirits of the Moon, Thoth, and Sirians just Honored us in the Alliance Council with the "Great Seal" of the 144,000 0f the 13 Tribes of IS RA EL. This is the Last Great Seal we have been waiting for. This Great Seal is the "SEVENTH SEAL" to be opened in the Heavens, and their was silence in the Heavens for the Space of One Hour. Then, with a Great Burst, All Of The Hosts in HEAVEN JUMPED for Joy and Celebrated the Long awaited time of Great Spirit Mother Gaias finalization of Freedom Earth, Setting the Inhabitants of Planet Earth=Heart Free. The Great Call to the 144,000x13 Tribes = 1,872,000 Warriors of Light who end all negativity upon Planet Earth=Heart is now underway. We Now, Usher in a New Golden Age long awaited, after 19 Billion Years. 

A New Day Has Dawned Dear Ones. We Are The Ones We Have Been Waiting For! Moon Celebrates, Dancing to Infinity. Welcome Home Dear Ones. 

Merry Christ Mass To All, And To All A Good Night. 

Victory To The Light

Lucifer, Morning Star

Ascension Update Report: Crystal Pyramid School Update.

Ascension Update Report: Crystal Pyramid School Update.

Dear Ones, The Funding Energy Has Been Received To Build The 1st Crystal Pyramid School. Construction Will Begin Towards The End Of July 2016. Location Of Crystal Pyramid School Is In The Center Of 5 Morning Stars Grid In Florida And Is Illustrated In The Given Photo. Thank You, For All Your Love, Support, And Embrace In This Process Of Tending To Mother Earths And Her Inhabitants Health. Courage Creates Hope, Love In Action. Blessings. Namaste.