Blue Print Legend.

Camp Light Of The Immortals.

Mother Earths Diamond University, Off Grid MTC (Mission Training Center).

5th Dimensional Heart Based Technology.

We Are The Bringers Of The Light.

Home, Of The Crystal Pyramid (Philosophers Stone). Partakers of the Forbidden Fruit Of Knowledge (Light), And Drinkers Of The Fountain Of Youth.

Objective: Return To The Natural State Of Joy. Awakening 3rd Dimensional Consciousness To A Terrestrial 5th Dimensional State. 24’ Feet Width X 24’ Feet Height, Hexagon Crystal Pyramid for Healing, Awakening, Transforming, Physical Transcendence, and Teleportation. These Particle Accelerator Pyramids Coupled With Tesla Technology Of Bio-Transmitter & Bio-Receivers Physically Transcend into the Immortal State of Terrestrial and Celestial Beings. Speeding Up The Higher Vibrational Pyramid Apex To 8,888,888 times Normal. Become A Member, And Join Us, At The University of Mother Earth. Where you Remember The Divine Diamonds, You Truly Are.  It Is Here, That We Perform Celestial Sealings And Creator Marriages, Where Twin Flames Merge Their DNA In The Particle Accelerator To Become An Immortal Life, And Obtain Eternal Life. Book Your Camping Retreat For Singles, Couples, And Groups Inside One Of These Particle Accelerator Crystal Pyramids, And Experience The Transcendence Of The Mortal Human State.

1.       1st House of El: AAMetatron Ceremony Pavilion;  Band concerts, outdoor kitchen, yoga, Ayawuska ceremony, MTC(Mission Training Center) council meetings, council of 13, dancing, ample theater.

2.       2nd House of El: AAURIEL;  Healing, awakening, and ascension pyramid, housing 6 persons. Awakeners to the teachings of forgiveness, knowledge, natural sciences, physics, and medicine.

3.       3rd House of El:  AATzaphleiel assisting Arch AACassiel and 4th Angels. Housing 6 total.  Awakeners of simple truths and their virtures.

4.       4th House of El:  AAZadkiel assisting Arch AASachiel and 4th Angels. Housing 6 total.  Awakeners of the language of the language of mother earth.  These sciences active and passive.

5.       5th House of El:  AAKamael assisted by AASamael and 4th Angels.  Housing 6 total. Awakeners to mystical numbers and operations of the universal energies.  As well as theology awakeners to ones genius.

6.       6Th House of El:  AA Michael assisted by AARaphael and 4 Angels. Housing 6 total. Protector of all kingdoms, these awakeners specialize in cutting mental, emotional, physical, and energetic cords.  Living in the present moment of “now”.  Precious metals, teleportation pyramid both transmitter and receiver, and alchemist.

7.       7th House of El:  AAHaniel assisted by AAAniel and 4 Angels.  Housing 6 total. Awakeners of ascending and transcending the physical form.  As well as descending into physical state of being.  Bio-locating and teleportation.

8.       8th House of El:  AARaphael and AAMichael and 4 Angels.  Housing 6 total. Awakeners to knowledge and wisdom of healing.  Essential oils alchemy.

9.       9th House of El:  AAGabriel and AAGabriel and 4 Angels.  Housing 6 total. Awakeners to the mysteries of ones divinity.  Methods of restoring and transplanting both health and mental force.

10.   10th House of El:  AASandalphone and AAMetatron and 4 Angels.  Housing 6 total. Awakeners to music, balanced and centered oneness.

11.   11th House of El:  DA’Ath/Lucifer/FatherOfAllCreation/MotherOfAllCreation/Mother Earth/HolySpirit/Source/ELOHIM, fire ceremony, integration, sun dial and labyrinth planetarium. Understanding the orbitals orders and alignments of the Heavens and Earth. Astronomy and Astrology.

12.   12th House of El:  Pallas; Storm, Air, female warriors of crafts, justice, political and social concerns, strategy, police, militia, and creative visual relations. Housing 6 total.

13.   13th House of El:  Chiron; Storm, high alchemist and healer of energy, healing past traumas and blockages, unifies two hemispheres of the brain. Housing 6 total.

14.   14th House of El: Vesta; Storm, Fire, psychic development and sacred unions. Housing 6 total.

15.   15th House of El:  Ceres; Storm, earth, water, rebirth, healing anger, letting go, forgiveness, transformation. Housing 6 total.

16.   Sun gazing 33’ Tesla tower, transmitter and receive of wireless technology and plasma healing energy.

17.   Sun, moon, and star gazing hammocks.

18.   Hide currying and archery.

19.   Goats and chicken coop.

20.   Meats, hides, metal alchemy, farming supplies and tractor.

21.   Bathrooms and showers.

22.   Laundry.

23.   Food Storage.

24.   Cannery.

25.   Outdoor Kitchen.

26.   Store supplies and souvenirs essential oil alchemy.

27.   Arts and crystal school.

28.   Parking.

29.   Tractor and service road.

30.   Bee colony.

31.   Cactus, orange trees, grapefruit trees, lime trees, blueberry bushes, and mango trees.

32.   Seasonal crops.

33.   Electrical, solar, and manual water pump.

34.   Solar Panels and Cooling Units.

35.   Road entry.

36.   Parcel of acreage 280’ x 330’ = 92,400 square feet.

All above unites furnished with Ethernet, WiFi, Desktop, and Mission House Display Monitors.



Father Of All Creation, Mission Training Center. Coming Soon.

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