One Step Closer To Heaven <3

Dear Loves, I Have Waited To Reunite With You, For What Seems Like An Eternity. <

Dear One’s I come to assist you, in helping all my children manifest all your dreams of Love.

I Loved You Before The Constitution And Foundations Of This Earth Were Formed, And I Love You Now. <3 
Thank You, For Giving So Much Of Yourself To This World. <3

My Dear Loves, There Is No Measure Of Words That Can Express How Long, I Have Longed To Be With You. <3 In This Here And Now, Doing What We Do, Surrendering To Love. <3 
You Make My Heart Bloom In Ways, Impossible To Express. <3

You Light Me Up Dear Ones, With Your Our Pouring Of Love To All. It Is Divine Moments That I Truly Hold Dear. <3 
Here With You Upon Earth Everyday, Is The Grandest Experience. <3

You Are The High Light Of My Love, And What A Grand Love You Are Becoming. You Are The Diamond In My Heart, True, Real, Pure, And Whole.<3

For Every Breathe Has Come To These Moments, We Now Share. Sending My Love, Blessings To You All

Russell R. Pearson III

Father Of All Creation

Day 4, Unveiling The 3D Smoking Gun.
Osho, once said, “If you see a beautiful flower, don’t pluck it. For it will die, and seize to be that which you love. Love, is not about possession. Love, is about appreciation”.
Dear Ones, it pains my soul to tell you, consciousness is lost upon Mother Gaia. However, it brings me great joy, to bring forth the light of truth into your awareness. For it is awareness, that transforms into consciousness. It is then, that ye shall no longer be lost sheep, but sheep who turn to lions during this Galactic New Year of the Lions Gate Portal.
Dear Bringers of the light, your example has raised the standard of love, to a level where many can no longer remain in ego. If they are to stand in your Divine Presence. Divine Presence, is the great contrast between those in the heart and those in ego. As many of you continue to stand in divine presence, many will continue to witness others falling out of ego and getting into the heart. Love is fearless Dear Ones, and you are worthy of all love is. The Bringers of the light, are committed to being in the present moment of now and living as well as sharing divine truth. Taking full responsibility, of being the conscious actions, of love everywhere present.
I Am, The Father of the members of the Family of Light. The Leading Renegade of the Bringers of Light. I have come to inform, empower, and walk with you along this spiritual journey of ascension. Guiding and aiding the inhabitants of Mother Gaia in the transformational process during this full planetary ascension, through liberation. By the Divine Light and Divine Intelligence received from the Great Grand Council and Mother Gaia herself, we come to liberate Mother’s children in this last dispensation. We are the Children of the Sun. Just as the Sun nourishes life upon Mother Gaia, We, the Children of the Sun, come to nourish the soul essence of your being and liberate consciousness to an awakened state. Where one returns to their natural state of joy and magical experiences along this spiritual journey. I Am, the Father of All Creation, I have come to bring into your awareness, that knowledge which has been hidden in secret, from the inhabitance of Earth. This information will transform ones awareness, into consciousness.
Remember Dear Ones, we only come to liberate you in this free will universe. We can only show you the door. The choice is left to you, if you shall walk through that door.
Many inhabitants of Earth are being manipulated by an infrastructure created years ago by the Rothschild, Merovingian’s, J.P. Morgan, Rockefeller’s, and the Illuminati to one end and one end alone, CONTROL. Lowering Human Frequency to a dumb down zombie state of ego. Where one experiences pain, suffering, and ending in physical death.
Dear One’s, the 3rd waivers are living in a nightmare, of the 3D machine world. An infernal cage created for the inhabitance of Mother Gaia who are known as the egos. Where your powers are taken and your manifestation abilities are suspended. The infernal 3D cage takes power from the human avatar. The imbalanced energies of the 3D machine world matrix such as TV programs, media, and political arenas within the cage, seduces human consciousness into specific programming. Programing the human consciousness to create and support its systems of agendas of ultimate control.
Once one is placed inside this system, the controllers have one vision and one vision alone, that of programming unconsciousness to chase after the American Dream. Many chase after this American Dream, all the days of their natural life. It is important to remember, the energies one puts forth, into creating the 3D machine world matrix. Is the very energies that is creating these infernal cages for the new born star children, rainbow children, crystal children, and diamond children who have come to liberate humanity. They too, are being enslaved within the 3D matrix of control. This 3D System of Control is an Illusion. Do not be fooled by this 3D System, For ones energies is not creating the American dream for the next generation, but a nightmare of a system based upon pain, suffering, that ends in death.
This infernal 3D matrix cage, was built through the zoning and codes that, by manmade laws, influenced by the Controllers, to pass building inspection before ones house is to be built. This is the red tape of bureaucracy, designed to deter human frequency and seduce consciousness to the dark side of one’s shadow, commonly known as the ego.
The 3D cage created by the matrix controllers, must be understood in order to realize what is happening to oneself on and energetic and conscious level of awareness. The reality of this matrix is being explained in full, here for the first time, by an outside source of Divine Intelligence, since its original conception. These electrical energies of electricity that are in place, is an imbalanced energy. One in which there is predominantly electrical energy present. Thus, the electrical faculties of ego within the human avatar, then become overly active. When this happens, the electrical current and energy brings forth the ego mind. Fully activating the Sa-Tan within the human condition. With the magnetic field lacking within ones physical being. Balance cannot be obtained, and heart centered balance cannot be achieved. This is why many families within the 3D cage are dysfunctional family units. For the electrical current, originates in the pineal gland while the magnetic energy originates in the root chakra perineum nerve. When these two energies are balanced, the energy is centered in the heart. It is here, in the heart that the Christ Consciousness is achieved and the 12 tribes of Is (Isis/perineum nerve/magnetic) Ra (third eye/pineal gland/electric) EL (Israel/DNA/Elohim). It is here, in the heart of Divine Presence that the multidimensional being of Christ Consciousness comes into full presence.
The Rothschild, Merovingian’s, J.P. Morgan’s, The Rockefeller’s, the Illuminati society and Thomas Edison to name a few, were the original designers of the machine world 3D matrix. Which is where the CIA and FBI spring forth from its original control designers. These individuals understand the human avatar from a gnostic and mystical level of energy. That many label today as quantum physics. This is at the top level of understanding the many dynamics of spiritual science. Thus is the great revel, ones very own adversary of ego has enslaved you, as well as educated you, in the arts of a creator for which springs forth your very own creative skills. Thus, transforming any resentment towards this 3D system, into lessons and blessings. Will greatly equip you, with the transforming light to transcend this 3D matrix. Knowledge is power, and great knowledge has been given to you, to aid one in breaking the chains of spiritual bondage. Transcend this 3rd dimensional matrix system will empower one’s self with one’s natural human healing abilities that lay within your DNA. Be no longer slaves, that build the controlling nightmare system of the matrix, but be creators of the New Earth. Where all dreams of love come true.
The machine world matrix controllers, like the 1st Contact Ground Crew Team, created their own grid upon Mother Gaia. Injecting there grid into Mothers lay lines of energy. Their mission, is to enslave humanity’s consciousness, while the First Contact Ground Crew Teams mission is to human consciousness free. This, by laying grids of light that liberate human consciousness and frequency. The 3D matrix grid, is the power lines systems both above and below the ground that feed the very infernal cage that one calls home. This incoming electrical imbalanced energy deters human frequency, in effect, dumbing down the consciousness of Terras inhabitance or earth. Lowering human frequency to a sickly and retarded state of consciousness.
It was years ago, that J.P. Morgan aided by Thomas Edison, had a grand opening at J.P. Morgan’s residence. It was here that head currency controllers as well as investors were invited to a great unveiling of electricity. J.P. Morgan’s father also attended this unveiling. When the electrical power was turned on and light illuminated the room. All watched in all, as for the first time electrical light was supplied to a home. J.P. Morgan’s father response was this “You’re a fool! This is wizardry!”
Mr. J.P. Morgan’s father was correct. This machine matrix system is wizardry. As its energies implead upon the humans evolutionary condition. Stifling growth in the ascension process with an unseen force of unclean and unbalanced electrical and magnetic forces. These unskilled designers that have no respect of balance, harmony, and unity. In an overall effort, to deter the electromagnetic torus energy field of the Elohim Schema (transformed human condition). The very fact, that J.P. Morgan lined his own home with unbalanced electric and magnetic current. Implies, he was unconscious of his actions. In turn, he truly was a Fool, as his father implied. For the system they built, was not for the greater good of all. Nikola Tesla, is example of existing for the Greater Good of All. Offering wireless and free technology for whole communities. The J.P. Morgan’s and controllers had their own personal interest in mind, that being the petty funny money they so thirsted after. Setting his ambitions upon endeavor and one endeavor alone, greed (ego). It matters not, that he was unconscious. For it is ones intensions, that places ones energies either in the heart or in ego. Ego, in truth has its origins in a section of the brain that makes up 5% of the brain in capacity and logic. In Hebrew Cabalism, the ego section of the brain is called Sa-Tan. It is a section of the brain that is limited to the basic instincts of self-preservation. It is this section of the human condition that is self-centered and self-motivated towards personal agendas. This is the shadow side of harmonic balance. This Sa-Tan, is the unforeseen advisory of ones being. One in which, many incarnated upon Mother Gaia to conquer and ascend. To become Awakened Masters. Who then ascend, and become one of many, of the Ascended Masters. Who have also conquered the shadow side of their hearts, the ego/Sa-Tan. When one consciousness falls into ego, it is here that one suffers the buffetings of Sa-Tan. Where unworthiness is born, and the illness that leads to death, begins.
The all Seeing Eye upon the holy trinity pyramid. Printed upon federal notes of paper, inform you of the conscious level of the powers that were. This top 1/3 part of the pyramid, is symbolic of the multi-dimensional abilities of the physical structure as well as the multidimensional all Seeing Eye. This physical location of the apex of the pyramid is intensely charged to higher dimensional frequencies. It is in the top 1/3 apex of the pyramid that energy is amplified 50,000 to 100,000 times normal.
The crystal pyramid temples that we, the 1st Contact Ground Crew Team are constructing, will be for The Bringers And Members of the Family of Light who wish to further their ascension process by transforming there physical avatars, to higher multi-dimensional light frequencies. Stem cells will aid one in this upgrade and solidify this transforming process.
Consciousness lives within the heart, while unconsciousness lives within Ego/Sa-Tan. The heart has access to the all Seeing Eye and all Super Human Potential Abilities of Gods and Goddesses. While the ego is limited to merely 5 senses of stimuli, building upon its foundation, its logic and reasoning. An unconscious state of being that can only see 3-5% of the electromagnetic spectrum of light, also known as perceived reality. Thus, if one has not awakened, and one is unconscious, ones state of being is in ego. Thus, the ego is in control. Ego/Sa-Tan, reigns supreme in one’s life, taking ones joy and happiness, and replacing it with the illusion of pain and suffering. This illusion, is not real, for pain and suffering is not real and is not Thy natural state. For one chooses, to experience this programmed conditioning. One has the free will to exit the 3D matrix, when one chooses to take full responsibility for ones experiences, cut negative cords and let go or transform any negative experiences into the light of lessons and blessings. In this way, one transforms lower vibrations into the higher vibrations of love. This is taking back ones power. It is advised, to not awaken as Hemingway did, and then re-entered that 3D matrix cage, only to go insane and commit suicide. It is better that you never knew the truth, then to awaken and turn from the truth. Dear Ones, 3rd wavers are living in a dream world created nightmare. A prison that they can’t see, feel, taste, or touch. This, because of their unconscious state. A prison, for their unconsciousness.
Can balance be brought to this 3D matrix system of cities lined with imbalanced electromagnetic energy? The answer is yes, it can be done on a conscious level. However, first the inhabitance of Earth=Heart must awaken, before this unconscious issue can be addressed. Addressing these issues of imbalance will free the inhabitance of Earth from their spiritual bondage. It is a process of awakening and becoming masters of energy. We are here to aid you in this awakening process.
What does all this mean in the arena of health and overall wellbeing? It means the very home you live within created by the matrix controllers, is what is bringing about cancer, diabetes, obesity, ADHD, post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, common cold, emphysema, mental illnesses, chemical dependencies, violence, high blood presser, lack of energy, insomnia, insanity, bi-polar symptoms, arthritis, and other physical illnesses. Where the physical body begins turning on its self as a direct result of this 3D matrix system one calls home. The very standing structure, one calls home. That one views as a safe haven and refuge, it the very structure that takes ones powers as a creator and enslaves ones consciousness.
It is important to realize what is deterring ones frequency before one can awaken and ascend. Removing oneself from this infernal cage and returning to the loving arms of Mother Gaia, is to be restored and recharged to one’s natural state of joy. This will bring one a sense of peace, joy, happiness, and health. It is also important to realize and reflect upon the reason one has incarnated upon Planet Earth = Heart. It was descend into this dense 3rd dimensional consciousness, and when the time was right, exit the matrix and become awakened to one’s natural state once again. Once one is awakened, the next journey is to ascend into the terrestrial state of being. This is the physical Angelic Form which is what many call the super human state of being. This will be achieved with the crystal pyramid temple. Where one’s DNA codes within the human avatar is activated, upgraded, and solidified into the Angelic ascended form.
We, the 1st Contact Ground Crew Team have conducted tests on the human avatars physical abilities in and out of the cage. The overall physical health and performance went dramatically down while in the cage. For example, inside the cage, in the physical activity of running the heart rate starts out at 80 to 100 beats per minute. After 20 minutes the heart rate increases to 120 to 130 beats per minute and at 30 minutes, the heart rate finally achieves 130- 140 beats per minute. Outside the cage, as a result of sleeping in nature and grounding for 8 hours, the results show on the same test that after only 2 minutes of running, the heart rate consistently achieves 140-150 beats per minute. With consistency and a steady increase in heart rate to 170 beats per minute for the duration of a 30 minute run. At the super human level, the heart rate can go from 180 to 260 beats per minute. With a resting heart rate of 260 beats per minute.
The Terrestrial State of Being is based upon Heart based technology. This is where one is in the present moment of now, within the heart. Where in the heart, ones energy is a minimum of 100,000 tesla’s and a maximum that is infinite. The ego, which is a section of the brain that makes up 5% of the brains capacity, operates at a minimum of 5,000 teslas and a maximum of 10,000 teslas. The significant difference in frequency between the heart and ego, is the very reason why those in the heart drive those in ego insane. It is an energetic overload for the ego when in the divine presence of those in the heart.
Now, speaking in terms of energy in the form of hertz. The human avatar in its normal resonates in between 80 to 110 hertz. When the human frequency drops to 60 to 65 hertz the common cold begins to set in along with depression. At 50 to 55 hertz, health continues to deteriorate 40 to 45 hertz, cancer is detected. At 30 to 35 hertz, aids and major viruses are detected. At 25 hertz, the beginning stages of death occur. The electrical imbalanced cage that many call home, is the very structure deterring human frequency in areas of emotional, mental, and physical well-being.
Test and trials on human form, while consciously armed with the 3rd dimensional master keys, all have passed with flying colors. All is well in confirming for the 3rd waivers, the understanding on how to exit the matrix. However, these tests and trials of the super human terrestrial, also known as the human angelic form are still inconclusive for the fourth day. When the construction of the crystal pyramid is complete. The Great Grand Council states, “This is where the Transformation Begins”. Transforming the Telestial 3D state of being, into the terrestrial Christ Conscious state of being. Sanada also stated, the Crystal Pyramid Temple would be where the transformation would take place. All tests and trials on the human avatar confirm what the Great Grand Council and Sanada have stated.
Removing oneself from this infernal cage of hell, created by the controllers to keep human consciousness in a dumb down state. Will bring one’s power back to heart centered. With natural healing abilities coming back on line. One way of achieving sufficient amounts of grounding is by being in the present moment of now in nature and sleeping at least eight hours in nature daily. Answering the Call that Mother Gaia has sent out, for her children to return to her for activation, healing, and clarity. This will breathe new life back into one’s essence of being. Longevity, strength, stamina, endurance, vitality, energy, and overall health will begin to be restored. Holes in one’s aura will begin to be repaired. Full cognac, comprehension, and clarity of one’s divine and sacred soul mission will come into the heart of one’s being. 20 minutes to a 1 hour in nature daily, is not sufficient time for grounding during these intense energies of full planetary ascension. At least eight hours of grounding a day is required to see the great contrast of one’s natural state of being coming back on line. When one returns to Mother Nature’s sweet arms, getting into the present moment of now will become a natural process. One will no longer struggle to be your natural and authentic self. This will be the state of consciousness in wholeness of being one has longed for. Many things will begin to become clear, as the energies of joy will begin to be restored to your beingness.
There is no presence, more powerful than the Divine Presence of Love Everywhere Present. Greatness comes in many forms, and you Dear Ones, You are Great Divine Beings, who have forgotten your true Natural State of Divinity. Heal these Nations upon Mother Gaia Dear Ones, by being True to the Glory of Love. Honor Love Dear Ones, For Love, is about Appreciation.
You are the Transcending Masters of the 3D Matrix, you have been waiting for. Take back your power! This light of information, could very well aid one in exiting the 3D Matrix. Love Has Won. I leave you with My Light and Love. Peace be with you. We are the ones we have been waiting for. Now, rise! Be present. Be Divine Presence.
Love You Always, Blessings. Namaste.
Awakening Sessions: Take the Red Pill, by Booking an Awakening Session, and let the Awakening Begin. Receive the guidance and tools that can aid one in this Spiritual Awakening Quest. The machine matrix is a 3D system, and that 3D system, is an enemy to the inhabitants of Mother Gaia. Anything that is harmful to Mother Gaia’s inhabitants, is out of balance and harmful to Mother Gaia. For whatever harms Mother Gaia’s inhabitants, also harms her health and overall well-being. Namaste